Let’s duck around in Deus Ex – part 5 – I hope he’ll live

Realistic Dificulty!

When I heard about Paul’s activated killswitch, I was not impressed. When Jock decided to drop me off to the place, where Paul is, that made me happier. And then I became a renegade too. The man, that is going to betray UNATCO. The man, who killed a lot of soldiers of the organization and who will kill even more just to appear in jail…

Courtesy of Graphical design – MrsAngryDucky: http://duckracy.com/portfolio/

1:51 – Leaving the UNATCO HQ
3:48 – Meet Paul
6:18 – Jojo problem
9:03 – Jojo no more
13:52 – Getting shotgun
20:16 – Sewers detour
27:35 – I discover the second part of the area
29:44 – NSF HQ
36:38 – Transferring the message
41:40 – Reckless escape plan
44:10 – Back to Paul
1:02:08 – I’m out of this hotel
1:06:14 – Last run for freedom
1:07:55 – Warm greeting from Anne
1:09:36 – Even warmer from Gunther
1:10:05 – Jail time

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