Let’s duck around in Deus Ex – part 4 – In brother’s footsteps

Realistic Dificulty!

Finding and killing some Russian is no big deal for JC Denton, But when Paul Denton, the brother who was the first one to become augmented and to serve in UNATCO, tells us, that he’s with the NSF now, there’s something wrong going on. Something very wrong and Ana Navarre killing the unarmed prisoner of UNATCO is not making it easier. Also, don’t forget, that Manderley decided to tell us just now, that Paul and JC both have killswitch.

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1:30 – Going for the tower
2:30 – Sudden death, activate!
3:56 – Getting binoculars
5:30 – Consideration about the amount of robots in my
6:05 – Running away from robots
6:42 – Jumping just for the sake of it
7:35 – Thoughts on robots in the future
8:16 – Slowest terrorist in this region
8:49 – Locating the second canister and dealing with another smart guy
16:07 – Terrorist, that tried
19:03 – The moment we could stop killing people
20:16 – A single lockpick, that can change everything (not)
20:40 – Making promises – keeping promises
22:00 – Between turrets and robots
26:50 – Interesting place
32:22 – Obvious solution never got in my head
33:20 – Good old stuff
36:00 – Decision was made
37:00 – Starting a gunfight and aproaching another tower
38:40 – The most direct aproach works
40:10 – Realization begins
41:40 – Entering a hangar and seeing Paul
43:50 – How to spot Russian
45:00 – Getting Augmentation canister
47:00 – I am lost again
49:35 – And I found myself again ?
50:23 – Lebedev?
50:56 – Interrogation
53:50 – THAT save
55:00 – Quick recap
57:49 – At the UNATCO HQ
58:36 – Tumblr chat
1:02:30 – Manderley
1:05:00 – Jaime and some official

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