Let’s duck around in Deus Ex – part 3 – Bums, robots and terrorists

Realistic Dificulty! When you work for the UNATCO, sometimes you have to help bums to get access to city sewers. Because investigation is for the losers, which we are not. But anyway, we manage to get to some trouble but still get to the weird airfield, where NSF guys store their stuff. And we have some Russian guy to kill. Like Denton’s offspring said “I never asked for this”

Courtesy of Graphical design – MrsAngryDucky: http://duckracy.com/portfolio/

7:28 – Off to the mission
8:23 – Chat with mole man
12:04 – JC doesn’t know how to deal with drug dealers
13:04 – Deciding to go with the flow
13:58 – PSA
14:29 – Bargaining with Mole people
19:33 – Unsolvable puzzle
19:39 – Solved
20:14 – Respectfully reporting the civil duty done
21:20 – Self-admiration and progress
21:57 – Experimentation is up!
23:05 – Unsuccessful attempt
25:00 – A killing, that lesft a cat happy
26:08 – Back on track
27:30 – Part-time terrorist
30:20 – Friendly bunch of terrorists
31:37 – Unknown underground location
33:58 – Another unsolvable puzzle
34:34 – Talking sense into the camera
35:40 – Talking with terrorism
37:33 – Next level hacking
38:41 – Boobie trap
44:36 – Several unlucky attempts
53:14 – Deakling with the terrorist
55:00 – Unlocking serious door
56:05 – Getting shot in the back
1:05:10 – Dealing with more terrorists

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