Let’s duck around in Deus Ex – part 1 – Dominating the situation

Realistic difficulty!

The man, the machine JC Denton, the brother of Paul Denton, red-headed rascal is set loose to have fun at the expense of terrorist oragnization. JC makes the best of it and leaves UNATCO base without come valuable plants in place. This episode is awkward, but funny.

Courtesy of Graphical design – MrsAngryDucky: http://duckracy.com/portfolio/

1:40 – Setting up modes and skills
3:20 – Intro sequence
5:45 – Awkward setting up the graphics
11:49 – First takedown
15:42 – Awkward lethal takedown
19:51 – Two for the price of bullets
22:09 – Showing off the crossbow
23:53 – What to expect of the game
25:40 – Quick route to underground complex
28:30 – JC vs The Rodent
28:47 – Way up to the statue
30:57 – I just don’t like this guy
36:25 – I wasn’t lucky enough
33:23 – Awkward infiltration into the terrorists den
34:24 – The leader gives up
36:55 – I’ve got something
38:49 – Found the entrance on the ground floor
43:58 – I found a spy!
47:09 – Stealing the supplies from the base
49:04 – Inside the UNATCO HQ
51:30 – I dominate the situation!
53:54 – My own PC!
1:09:15 – Meeting with colleagues

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