Let’s duck around in Bioshock – part 14 – I’m a Big Daddy

Hacking goes pretty bad, but looks like I need to become Big Daddy myself. Why? Because I can’t just destroy a door, I need an elaborate tricks to make little sisters to open them for me. That’s just unnecesarry escort mission. But we’re nearly there.

Courtesy of Graphical design – MrsAngryDucky: http://duckracy.com/portfolio/

1:46 – No way back
3:01 – I don’t get what do i need to do (Part 1)
6:55 – Death by confusion
12:22 – Seraching for Big Daddy outfit begins
18:19 – Helmet
19:15 – Body armor and Big Daddy
24:23 – Revenge
26:08 – Realization and boots
29:54 – Getting the voice
32:12 – Pheromones and the very last little sister
39:08 – One giant escort mission
42:53 – Corpse #1
45:24 – Corpse #2
48:15 – How I lost my little sister
50:59 – Corpse #3
52:48 – Bouncer is jelly
54:33 – Got the needle and maxing out my plasmids

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